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Would definitely return to see her again

I had a very professional massage from Lauraine, her magical hands helped me perfectly with the lower back pain I had been suffering from, the first meeting we discussed any underlying issues and she dealt with me with the appropriate force that was needed, would definitely return to see her again.

Loobi was professional throughout and extremely knowledgeable in her field

I was initially given a voucher for my birthday for a massage as I have a lot of neck and shoulder issues due to bad posture and using a computer. I was booked in with Loobie. From start to finish the whole experience was fantastic. Loobie spent time going through a consultation with me to find out my history and any medical issues. Loobie was professional throughout and extremely knowledgeable in her field. The massage was amazing and not like any massage I’ve had before, it was tailored to my issues and although quite uncomfortable at times due to my tightness, Loobie constantly checks with you about pressure and pain. I felt so wonderful after and it was agreed that I needed to more sessions regularly until I reached maintenance. I’ve been seeing Loobie approx every 2-4 weeks since March and today I am officially in maintenance. Loobie always chats through things prior to each session starting and would give me homework to do in between appointments i.e specific stretching exercises. I can’t recommend Loobie enough and I will continue to have regular appointments to keep on top of things.

Highly recommend!

Loobi is brilliant. I started coming to her when I had back issues – she helped me with that with amazing massages and exercises that I were doing at home which were amazingly explained. I do really enjoy the whole experience so now I go once per month and I feel like in proper SPA! Everything well prepared, well organized, smell is always amazing. Highly recommend!

Loobi is amazing

Loobi is amazing. She listens to your needs and caters her treatment to you specifically. Absolutely lovely.

Wish I had started years ago!

I have had two amazing massages with Laureine. She uses a combination of techniques to suit my needs. Laureine is very professional and listens carefully. She made me feel comfortable and at ease at all times. After the massages I felt relaxed and free of the stress I carry in my body. Laureine is fantastic at applying just the right pressure to release the accumulated tension. I’m booking with Laureine monthly now. Wish I had started years ago!! Thank you Laureine 🙏

Loobi (Lauraine) is the most skilled massage therapist

Loobi (Lauraine) is the most skilled massage therapist, and I’ve had a few! She combines a deep knowledge of the physiology of the human body with an equally deep understanding of how mind and body are connected, plus the skills and experience to work with her clients to interpret what they are saying and identify and target the areas of the body that need the attention. She has a unique skill to locate the most problematic pain points and apply the perfect pressure to work the relevant muscle or joints. A session with Loobi leaves you feeling deeply relaxed, healed and at peace, if a little wanting for more! Any form of therapeutic massage is within her capability. She is a true professional.

Truly makes my day and I could not recommend anyone any higher

Another beautiful massage with Loobie today! If you’re looking for someone to make you smile, laugh and be there for you. Look no further. As well as being a beyond fantastic masseuse, she always lends an ear when I need comfort and advise. My back pain is a thing from the past and the positive vibes last until my next session! Truly makes my day and I could not recommend anyone any higher. Thank you as always Loobie! See you soon!

Thanks Loobi- I’m a very satisfied customer!

I have been coming to Loobi regularly at MB Massage Therapy and have had six sessions so far. I have bursitis and was looking for an individualised treatment programme. Loobi took the time to listen to my needs and has continued to adjust the treatment according to my evolving needs, which is great.

She has included exercises for me to do at home and made suggestions with regard to diet and alternative medicines. What a wealth of knowledge she has!

Loobi put me at ease from the start and I have never felt self-conscious during the sessions. She uses sarongs/towels with great effect, to ensure that there is no embarrassment on my part with the personal nature of the treatment. She is sensitive and approachable, talking through the treatment as the session progresses. I feel relaxed and confident with Loobi.

My bursitis is now much less severe and I am pain-free for much longer periods of time. I will continue my sessions indefinitely, as I notice that my neck/lower back are much less sore than they were.

Thanks Loobi- I’m a very satisfied customer!

Her understanding and professionalism have been outstanding

MB Massage was recommended to me by a friend, for back pain, I have been seeing Lauraine who has tailed each visit to suit my requirements, her understanding and professionalism have been outstanding, definitely recommend!

I cannot recommend her enough

Been seeing Lauraine for nearly 2 years. She adapts each session depending on my need; sometimes deep tissue massage, sometimes relaxation massage. Each time, I feel so much better afterwards. She is tentative to my needs and takes her time to listen. I cannot recommend her enough.

Loobi has done a fantastic job

A friend recommended I try MB Massage Therapy when I developed a shoulder injury. I’ve had a few appointments now and Loobi has done a fantastic job and my shoulder is improving by the week. From the thorough initial consult and massage through to follow up sessions, I’ve felt like I’ve been in safe hands (sorry, couldn’t resist).

I will definitely be back to see Loobi again 😃

I chose MB Massage Therapy after reading reviews online, and it definitely did not disappoint! I received a deep tissue massage from Loobi which was absolutely amazing; she spent the time listening to what I had to say which I really appreciated, and she really paid attention to the areas which have been bothering me the most- my back and shoulders. The massage was incredible; the correct pressure, the time spent on each area and the perfect amount of oils/lotions. I felt amazing afterwards and have done since! I will definitely be back to see Loobi again 😃

Looking forward to my next visit

My experience on my first visit was extremely professional, Loobi has an extremely good understanding of her profession, my massage was perfect, im feeling progress already! looking forward to my next visit and easing my back and neck pain even more!

Thank you Lauraine

I contacted MB massage therapy when experiencing back pain, and was immediately impressed by Lauraine who was friendly and approachable on the phone.

Having never had a deep-tissue massage before, I wasn’t sure of what to expect but, after a thorough assessment and consultation, Lauraine put me at ease, carefully explaining what she was doing at each stage of the process and checking that I was comfortable throughout. As well as receiving excellent care in the treatment room, Lauraine also took great care to give me some personalised exercise recommendations to support the treatment plan she had devised.

After about three months of seeing Lauraine, I no longer have any back pain, and have an increased range of motion in my arms, neck and shoulders. I am more aware of the bad habits I can be prone to working in an office job, and am better equipped to take steps to reduce or remove these risks.

I would highly recommend Lauraine to anyone in need of treatment. She is a friendly, caring and knowledgeable therapist who gets results. Thank you Lauraine.

She is attentive, approachable and knowledgeable

I’ve had two massages with Loobi now and both have been excellent. Two things stand out that make her approach five star: her attention to how I feel in general and also during /after the massage and secondly, she takes the time to get to know me as a client and taps into my main issues. She is attentive, approachable and knoweldgeable meaning the massages are bespoke to me rather than giving me something that is one size fits all. Definitely recommend!!

Premium therapeutic experience

Fantastic place. Loobi not only makes sure that you feel comfortable and at ease during the treatment, but she also cares about every tiny detail of the session so you can get a premium therapeutic experience. Thank you!

Life saver

I have been seeing Lauraine for over a year now and she has made a huge difference to my mental and physical wellbeing! I’d would recommend her to everyone and look forward to my appointments each month. The aches that plage me everyday I barely remember now, so pleased I prioritised me and will not be going without my appointments with Lauraine! Life saver 😁

Can’t recommend her enough

A massage with Loobi isn’t just a massage it’s a holistic therapy session by someone who really cares for you and your wellbeing. I have had a fair few massages over the years by therapists who are just going through the motions, this is certainly not the case with Loobi. She listens, she assesses and then delivers a tailor-made holistic massage, thanks to Loobi my neck and arm issue have resolved. I continue to see Loobi for a monthly therapeutic massage because it is an amazing experience that always leaves me relaxed and floating out of the treatment room. Can’t recommend her enough.

Thoroughly recommend for both muscles and mind

I adore my six weekly therapy session with Loobi! As well as releasing all of the tension I carry around in practically all of my muscles, she always makes me completely relaxed, serene, and all the anxiety I’ve picked up just flows away. It’s better than meditation, and is an intrinsic part of my self care. Thoroughly recommend for both muscle and mind.

I highly recommend Loobi

I was experiencing persistent lower back pain that extended to my shoulders and neck, I opted for treatment instead of relying on painkillers. Discovering MB Massage Therapy online, I chose to book an appointment. My initial session with Loobi involved a friendly welcome and a thorough discussion of my issues. While I realised that resolving my problems would take more than one session, I did experience immediate physical improvement and felt mentally recharge.

After an additional three sessions, I noticed a significant reduction in pain and an increase in overall mobility. Loobi not only successfully addressed my physical issues but has also played a fundamental role in enhancing my mental health and well-being. Now that I am in the maintenance phase, I still go for regular sessions with Loobi. She corrects any minor niggles, maintains my flexibility, and I always come away feeling relaxed and refreshed mentally. I highly recommend Loobi to anyone seeking a holistic approach to improving both their physical and mental well-being. Thank you, Loobi for fixing me! 😊

I thoroughly recommend her

Following an introductory massage with Lauraine, today I had the first of a follow-on series of six massages with her, primarily for relaxation to address anxiety issues. I wholeheartedly echo all the other positive comments about her. She makes you feel very welcome and really takes the time to get to know your personal issues. The treatment is absolutely fitted to you as an individual. For me, it is an extraordinarily calming and relaxing experience. As with the previous reviewer, Lauraine has given me the best massages I have ever experienced. I thoroughly recommend her.