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I have been coming to Loobi regularly at MB Massage Therapy and have had six sessions so far. I have bursitis and was looking for an individualised treatment programme. Loobi took the time to listen to my needs and has continued to adjust the treatment according to my evolving needs, which is great.

She has included exercises for me to do at home and made suggestions with regard to diet and alternative medicines. What a wealth of knowledge she has!

Loobi put me at ease from the start and I have never felt self-conscious during the sessions. She uses sarongs/towels with great effect, to ensure that there is no embarrassment on my part with the personal nature of the treatment. She is sensitive and approachable, talking through the treatment as the session progresses. I feel relaxed and confident with Loobi.

My bursitis is now much less severe and I am pain-free for much longer periods of time. I will continue my sessions indefinitely, as I notice that my neck/lower back are much less sore than they were.

Thanks Loobi- I’m a very satisfied customer!